Database admin help

Prepare your images - See here

Adding a new vehicle:
    1. Select the left hand button ( Add New Vehicle )

    2. Fill in the required data ( including Password ) No action can be taken without correct password.
    a) Any section not required should be left blank and will therefore not appear in the display page.
    b) Sections YearMake & Model will always appear in bold in display page.
    c) Original Price will appear in Normal Black Font , New Price will appear in Bold Red Font.
Remember either or both can be left blank.

    3. If an image is required , use the browse button to select it on your hard drive. This section does not upload the image but tells the database what image to look for.
    a) It is recommended that a folder dedicated to your images is created on your hard drive.
    b) A logical naming system should be applied to your images.
    c) Image size is not fixed, but should be maintained at approx 200 pixels wide by 150 pixels high for display page, i.e. Image upload 1. Image upload 2 can be any size but remember the bigger it is the longer it will take to display. Always reduce image resolution to as low as possible. All images must be in either GIF or JPG Format.

    4. Check to ensure that password was input before you Click the Add Record button.

    5. Select the Upload Pictures button.

    6. Input Password

    7. Repeat the actions taken during the image upload in the database section (browse - select image -upoad ) . This is where the image is actually uploaded. Repeat for 2nd image if required.
Your Stock Vehicle is now viewable in on your site.

Editing a current vehicle:
    1. Select the second button ( Edit Existing Vehicle )

    2. Input Password . ( if password is incorrect or missing, the contents of your display page will be shown, but edit or delete buttons will not appear and so no changes can take place). If you wish to reduce the the number of vehicles displayed, type words specific to the vehicle you wish to edit /delete in the search terms box.

    3. To delete a vehicle ( eg.vehicle sold ) select the relevant Delete button. This not only removes the vehicle details from your database, but also deletes the associated images .

    4. To edit a vehicle ( eg. price reduction ) select the relevant Edit Button. This displays the current vehicle details any of which can be changed at this point. Current associated images are indicated by image name.

    5. To Delete an Image, Type the word Delete in the relevant image upload box, and the image will be deleted when you click the Edit record button.

    6. To Change an image, it is not necessary to delete it first. Simply use the Browse button to select the new image.

    7. When finished editing click  the  Edit record button.
    8. Remember to go to the image upload area after editing the record, to actualy upload the image.

    9. To exit without making changes click the back button.